Greetings and welcome to KAOS PRODUKTION STUDIOS, my name is Jarred Cramer and I am a cartoonist/illustrator and designer.

I was born in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal in 1982 where I lived for 8 years until moving to Cape Town with my family in 1990.
For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawing and doodling, practicing and developing my skills as an illustrator. Comics have been a major influence for me so it’s only fitting that my dream is produce comic books and to have a business that could run with the big boys such as Marvel and DC.

Kaos Produktions was born near the end of 2000, my matriculating year (though the name was slightly different back then). I wanted to create a business for all kinds of artists to gain recognition so the idea with Kaos Produktion Studios is to not only be a comic book business but rather everything that goes with it. My vision for KPS is to produce comic books, animated series and films and action figures. I believe this is something that is lacking in South Africa.
Let us be like America with their comic-cons and their fan boys; let us, the artist of South Africa be noticed and appreciated for the skills we have and as for Kaos Produktion Studios….. LET US BE YOUR IMAGINATION!